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Frequently asked questions

FAQ's related to servicing of machines
Which coffee machine brands do you service?
We service predominantly Saeco and Gaggia brands, but can also assist with De Longhi, Melita, Breville and Philips coffee machines
How often should my coffee machine be serviced?
We recommend annual service for a company machine or every 18 – 24 months for a domestic machine
What are your operating hours?
Monday to Thursday 09:00 – 16:00 Friday 09:00 – 15:00 Saturday and Sunday Closed Public Holidays Closed
Do you do collections and deliveries of coffee machines for service?
We have a collection and delivery service, depending on your area.
Can you service coffee machines on my premises?
We don’t offer this service yet.
How long does it take to service my coffee machine?
We work on a booking system. From the date of booking, we have your machine for maximum 2-3 working days depending on the repair and parts availability.
How much does it cost to service my coffee machine?
General service cost is approximately R1500.00 ex vat, excluding any additional parts.
Is there any charge if I don’t accept the quote or invoice?
We charge R500.00 ex vat fee for any quotes not accepted.
Do you send my machine away or service at your premises?
All machine services are done on our premises in Greenpoint
I don’t live in Cape Town, how do I get my coffee machine to you to service?
We recommend using a local courier company to send your coffee machine to us.
FAQ's related to cleaning of the machnes
How often should I clean my coffee machine?
- There are functions that you have to clean on alert like your drip tray & dump box. - Any milk function needs to be cleaned daily - Brew unit needs to be cleaned weekly
Can I use tablets to descale my coffee machine?
We recommend on using a descaling solution to descale your machine. Not a tablet.
Why is only water coming out of my dispenser?
Issue could be related to brew unit sieve blocked or part broken on unit
Why is the coffee dripping from the dispenser?
- Coffee grinder could be set to fine or -Coffee dispenser are dirty
I have an error message on my coffee machine, what should I do?
Please note the number on the screen and refer to manual for the issue
I have noticed coffee in my dump box and less coffee in my cup, why is this?
Issue could be related to the o-ring on brew unit worn out.
Why is there water under my coffee machine?
-Could be a leak inside the machine coming from a broken clamp, pipe or boiler. -Overflow behind brew unit could be blocked
How often should I clean my milk carafe or Cap-tori?
Any milk function should be cleaned daily. We recommend a deep clean every 3 days.
I can’t get my brew unit back into the machine, what should I do?
The gears are not aligned or the brew unit is not in neutral position. Restart machine.
For more information on cleaning your Saeco or Gaggia coffee machine, please visit the link below:
General FAQ's
How do I know which machine is best for me?
-Depending on how you like your coffee, will determine best suited coffee machine -Depending if the coffee machine would be used at home or at the office
What is the warrantee on the coffee machines?
All coffee machines carry a one year warrantee
Do you do rental of coffee machines?
We don’t offer rental of a coffee machine, but we can refer you to a company that can assist.
I have not heard of Gaggia, are they new to the market?
Gaggia has been offering fully automated coffee machines since 1999, after acquired by Saeco
Are you the only agents for Gaggia and Saeco in South Africa?
We are one of the accredited Gaggia and Saeco Agents in South Africa
Do you offer telephonic support?
Our telephonic support is free of charge.